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Key Holding with Rapid Alarm Response:

Where certain customers rely totally on alarm systems for their silent hour’s security, they may require Matrix STS to provide them with a key holding service.

This involves the customer's
unmarked keys, or other means of gaining access to their premises, being held in a suitable, secure Matrix STS location. Ideally, this should be no more than 20 minutes away.

In the event of an alarm activation, Matrix STS will attend the premises as quickly as possible, to investigate the cause. Should it prove to be a false alarm, we will reset the system, secure the premises once again, and advise the customer of the situation on the morning of the next working day.

Should the alarm activation prove to be more sinister, the police and the customer's after hours contact will be notified immediately? We would then await the arrival of the customer's representative and the police, and offer what ever assistance may be necessary to both. Once again, we would remain in place until such time as the premises had been re-secured and the alarm reset. Full incident reports would be initiated and forwarded to the customer in due course.


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